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Samsung Remote Server by 123unlock is a professional unlock and repair service for your Samsung GSMs by cable. A stable, fast and easy method to unlock and repair your Samsung GSM specially designed for non technical consumers. We do not sell 'free reset / unlock' codes which you can find all over the web as they often damage your phone, we offer a solution created and tested by professionals. You can select your phone model when following the link 'Select your Samsung' to start unlocking your Samsung mobile or use our Samsung Unlock Guide. SRS supports all the latest models, and we can instantly unlock phones from any provider – it doesn't matter where you got your phone! Unlocking is completely safe and requires only an data-cable and an Windows Computer.

We 100% guarantee our service, if unlocking or repairing a supported model does not work and you have the correct cable you will get 100% refund!

The SRS software also supports other brands with the same account like: Alcatel MTK, BlackBerry, Laptop Bios Password, Huawei modems, Huawei Android Phones, and ZTE for a full list you can visit www.SimlockRemoteServer.nl

Why Unlock your phone

  • Eliminate roaming fees
  • Increase resale value of your phone
  • Save money by using cheaper telecom providers
  • Being able to use dual sim adapters
  • Increase your service area

SRS Features:
  • Direct Unlock (Also EFSv2)
  • Read Unlock codes
  • Repair Phone Freeze
  • Repair Phone locked return for service
  • Usercode Reset
  • MSL Repair
  • 24/7 Realtime Unlocking
Last Unlocked:
  • Samsung I8190L (25-04 21:05)
  • Samsung T999 (25-04 20:59)
  • Samsung I8190L (25-04 20:54)
  • Samsung S6810P (25-04 19:31)
  • Samsung M2510 (25-04 18:11)
  • Samsung N900W8 (25-04 17:57)
  • Samsung I9300 (25-04 17:37)
  • Samsung I727R (25-04 16:44)

Some popular models unlocked over the SRS Unlock Server:

Unlock Samsung I9300
Unlock Samsung M2510
Unlock Samsung S7580
Unlock Samsung S756
Unlock Samsung S6310
Unlock Samsung I950
Unlock Samsung T989
Unlock Samsung I9100
Unlock Samsung M919
Unlock Samsung S631
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